Minute Media’s sports landgrab spree ahead of US betting boom

Recently, Minute Media, after bringing Meredith-owned FanSided into its stable of titles, made its fourth acquisition in 18 months.

The Israeli tech firm has cherry-picked titles from legacy media owners to strengthen its foothold in the US sports scene with venture capital investment; first Dennis’ brain-teasing title Mental Floss in 2018 and in May 2019, Gannet’s sports blog The Big Lead. Then in a surprising move last November, it secured The Player’s Tribune, the candid athlete story platform, for an undisclosed sum, signaling a premium content push. These titles, FanSided included, now join Minute Media’s original stable of fan-contributed sports blogs which include 90min (football), 12up (American sports) and DBLTAP (esports).

FanSided is the latest play from the publisher, with founder and chief executive Asaf Peled saying that the hunt for “topnotch content” titles comes as it looked to capitalize on the advertising opportunity presented by the increasing number of US states that have legalised gambling.

It now claims to attract one of the nation’s largest sports audiences. Peled said: “Specifically with FanSided, we are excited about the prospect of joining our forces, in partnership with The Players’ Tribune, to really dominate the US sports media landscape in terms of size, content offerings and reach. As with all our brands, we will use our technology platform to support growth to scale and become more global. We are also excited about the opportunity in the US betting space, using FanSided’s local presence in key states combined with our content.”

From its Tel Aviv HQ, the acquisitions are now being plugged into the Minute Media publishing platform which it says reaches nearly 140 million monthly readers across 14 languages.

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