Galaxy Zega Review, A Real Life Tank Battle Game Invades Your Living Room


What is better than a classic tank battle video game? How about a classic tank battle video game that comes to life right in your living room. This is exactly the premise of Galaxy Zega from SmartX.

Galaxy ZEGA combines a mobile app with a real-life tank battle toy. Controlled with a Bluetooth-connected smart device app, up to four individual ZEGAs (cool little tanks w/ distinct personalities) fight it out on a smartly designed magnetic battlefield (comes with the game). As you play you unlock skills, bonus powers and increase lifetimes and the strategies get more and more complex so kids and adults don’t get bored.

The Galaxy Zega is really something you need to see to understand, so please watch our full video review of the Galaxy Zega Starter Kit –


RC Tanks Meet Video Game Power Ups

As the video shows, the Galaxy Zega does a really nice job of taking the fun of remote controlled tanks and bring things up a level by introducing video game elements like power-ups, special skills and un-lockable weapons.

Galaxy ZEGA Starter Kit (2 ZEGAs, battlefield, connectors, chargers) is available for $149 – which is a pretty great price given all that you are getting in the kit. If you do want to do games like Capture The Flag, we do recommend picking up a set of X-Bases.

Key Features of the Galaxy Zega

  • Transmits instructions wirelessly up to 100 times per second

  • Fluid control and handing

  • Bluetooth automatic connectivity supports multiplayer (two to four) or one-on-one battles

  • Get virtual gold to upgrade your weapons and improve ZEGA’s attack, defense, and speed

  • More than 30 configurable skills to affect your opponent’s mobility and attack or to increase teammates’ HP and weapons

  • Replaceable wheel hubs and special stickers let you create your own exclusive ZEGA

  • Expandable, easy-to-build battlefields give your imagination full rein to create a wide range of arena maps

  • Quick assembly with magnetic connection technology

  • Varied components help you learn different styles of play as your skill increases

The folks at SmartX were kind enough to send us a sample to do our testing and review. Overall, things worked well. We did have some issues with the connection between the tanks and phones being lost from time to time, but that might have been a problem on our end.

The Tanks can flip over, which can be a drag, but I guess that teaches you to drive more carefully and not try to run over your opponent. We also wish there was AI so you could do single player battles.

Overall, the whole concept works very well. We love the way the tracks easily snap together and can be layed out in various patterns. If your kids are into video games and have outgrown “standard” RC cars, the Galaxy Zega may be just the toy to make them smile this holiday season!

More Information:
The Galaxy Zega Starter Kit ($149) is Available Here.
Watch Our Full Video Review of the Galaxy Zega Starter Kit.

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