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Robert Downey Jr. Volunteers To Voice Mark Zuckerberg's Real-Life Jarvis

Robert Downey Jr. has volunteered as tribute. Sorry, wrong franchise. Let’s start over. Robert

U.S. Bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phones From Airplanes

Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphone devices will be banned from aircraft in the United States

Do Fuel Cells Hold The Promise To A Fossil Fuel–Free Future?

We have until around 2030, industry analysts estimate, before we reach so-called peak oil,

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Top House Democrats Demand FBI Inquiry Into Trump Team's Alleged Link To Email Hack

A group of senior House Democrats is calling on the FBI to investigate the

Back to Reality: The Latest on VR, AR and MR – Big Bang XVI

My partner Ken Hertz and I recently hosted the 16th installment of our Big

Dear Internet, It's Time To #SavePepe

As the election draws near, with more and more women coming forward to share

Kind Strangers Help Dad Recover Music From Wife Who Died In Childbirth

After his wife died during childbirth, Jared Buhanan-Decker found recordings of her singing that

Virtual Reality Comes Home: The Future Of Storytelling Festival

Lots of people are thinking about the future of the publishing business. But Charles