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Kickstarter Worker Claims She Was Fired Over Union Effort

Workers at the fundraising platform went public with their union campaign in March. Source

Google Targeted In Major State Antitrust Investigation

Fifty U.S. attorneys general are joining the investigation, led by Texas. Source link

Instagram Scammers Are Using The Fires In The Amazon To Rip People Off

No, Justin Bieber won’t donate $10,000 if you follow this Instagram account. Source link

Facebook's Facial Recognition Technology Will No Longer Default To 'On'

In August, an appellate judge ruled against Facebook in a case claiming the tech

Who Is Blackmailing This Influencer?

Twitch star Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa’s photos kept getting removed from Instagram. Then came the

Facebook Finally Gives Us Answers On That Viral Instagram Hoax (Sort Of)

The false claims go back to at least 2012 when Facebook changed its terms

Audit Reveals No Evidence Of Anti-Conservative Bias At Facebook

The report, authored by former Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.), was commissioned in response to

Twitter Suspends Chinese Accounts Targeting Hong Kong Protests

The social media giant said it shut down more than 200,000 accounts suspected of

House Homeland Security Lawmakers Issue Subpoena For 8Chan Owner Jim Watkins

The committee issued the bipartisan subpoena Wednesday calling for Watkins to testify Sept. 5

Porn Grifters Are Chasing Teens On TikTok

Gen Z’s favorite app is dealing with an elaborate NSFW scam. Source link