Drake And Dave Chappelle Reacting To David Blaine's Frog Trick Is Art


If you have yet to make yourself familiar with the magic that is David Blaine’s new frog trick, you need to get on that. 

The trick involves the magician appearing to heave a frog out of his mouth and then swallow it back down. He performed a widely shared version of it on “The Tonight Show” last week, which caused host Jimmy Fallon, The Roots and the author of this post to literally gasp when we all watched it. 

Well, Blaine performed a slightly altered version of the trick for his one-hour primetime special on Tuesday night, and he did it with none other than Stephen Curry, Dave Chappelle, Drake and the Chicago Bulls’ Jimmy Butler surrounding him. In the bit, which you can view below, Blaine asks Chappelle to draw a small creature, and for whatever reason, Chappelle draws a frog.

Blaine proceeds to spit up not one, not two, but three freaking frogs, into champagne flutes, one of which he hands to Drake, one to Chappelle, and one to Curry. Check out Curry’s reaction here:

The clip, I have to say, is spectacular. Watching very famous people lose their minds over something so visceral is almost mesmerizing. Plus, they made some really funny faces, the best of which I’ve provided below for your pleasure.

It’s good to laugh.

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