Friday's Morning Email: More Bad News For Donald Trump


DUMP TRUMP MOMENTUM BUILDS The GOP’s top donors are urging the party to disavow Donald Trump. According to HuffPost Pollster, Hillary Clinton has a 91.2 percent chance of winning. And a group of nuclear officers said they were terrified by the idea of Trump having his finger on the nuclear button. [Dave Jamieson, HuffPost]

THE ‘DEFINING MOMENT’ OF THE CAMPAIGN If you haven’t watchedMichelle Obama’s speech on why Trump’s comments are so horrific, you have missed one of the seminal moments of the 2016 race. [Sam Levine, HuffPost]

AN ENTIRELY CURABLE DISEASE IS A TOP 10 KILLER Because the global political will to fight it isn’t there. [Lauren Weber, HuffPost]

HURRICANE NICOLE SLAMS INTO BERMUDA Despite being the strongest storm to hit the territory in over a decade, no serious injuries or fatalities have been reported. [Reuters]

THE VIEW OF ALEPPO BY DRONE “The destruction is so complete that it obliterates even a sense of time. At a glance, the video could show Berlin in 1945 or Grozny [Russia], 2000. Mass death erases all distinctions.” [NYT]

PREPARE TO FEEL VERY SMALL There might be 10 times the number of galaxies than we previously thought. [David Freeman, HuffPost]

THE FLOODING CONTINUES IN NORTH CAROLINA “The poorest of the poor in North Carolina are the ones who are being hurt the most by these floods,” Gov. Pat McCrory said. [NYT]



SO YOU THOUGHT YOU WOULD LOSE A FEW POUNDS BY DOING SOYLENT, EH? Well, a few customers got more than they bargained for. The company has urged customers to throw away any bars they may have due to customers’ severe vomiting. [Fast Company]

THEY SURVIVED BOKO HARAM BUT THE HUNGER MAY KILL THEM “Across the northeastern corner of [Nigeria], more than 3 million people displaced and isolated by the militants are facing one of the world’s biggest humanitarian disasters. Every day, more children are dying because there isn’t enough food. Curable illnesses are killing others. Even polio has returned.” [WaPo]

NOT THAT YOU WERE WORRIED SINCE J.K. ROWLING CLEARLY CAN’T LET GO But we’ll have a lot more of the Harry Potter universe for a while with the announcement that the “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” series will be five movies. [Variety]

IN CELEBRATION OF BOB DYLAN’S NOBEL PRIZE WIN Otherwise known as the case for his work as literature. [Vanity Fair]



~ The gun accidents killing a child every other day.

~ The federal government will finally start collecting nationwide data on police shootings.

~ Could the outage of this classified computer system be behind a series of disastrous drone strikes?

~ Looks like Chris Christie will have his day in court.

~ Try not to reach for a tissue when you look at photos of this groom carrying his bride down the aisle after she suffered severe injuries in a car crash five weeks before the wedding.

~ The “So That Happened” team breaks down how much of a mess the GOP is in right now.

~ What’s missing on your clothing label tags.

~ The numbers behind why that NLDS Game 5 between the Dodgers and the Nationals was just so crazy (and not because we’re biased and were there).

~ A black woman physician says she tried to help on a Delta plane, but a flight attendant didn’t believe she could be a doctor.

~ We’ve all been the girl in this video struggling with the new chip credit cards.

~ This is a video of a bunch of dogs tearing a car apart. Yes, a car.



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