Hawaii Governor Knew Of False Missile Alert 2 Minutes After It Was Sent

He didn’t tell the public until 15 minutes later, because his staff handles his social media, a spokeswoman said. Source link

On The Anniversary Of Trump's Inauguration, The Government Is Shut Down

“We will no longer accept politicians who are all talk and no action,” he proclaimed at his inauguration. Source link

Trump Flubs Key Line In Anti-Abortion Speech

President says it’s “wrong” that laws allow babies to be born in the ninth month. Source link

Kentucky Neighbor Expected To Plead Guilty In Assault On Sen. Rand Paul

The retired doctor has maintained that the fight was about yard waste, not politics. Source link

Man Pranks Police With DeLorean Made From Snow

As jokes go, this one’s pretty chill. Source link

Trump Administration Defied Court Orders On First Travel Ban, Inspector General Concludes

The Homeland Security Department’s agency watchdog called the actions “troubling.” Source link

A Year Hasn't Been Enough Time To Heal This Family's Divide Over Trump

Make sibling relations great again. Source link

With A Shutdown Looming, Government Agencies Are Unprepared And In The Dark

Federal workers say they’ve received little to no guidance on what to do. Source link

No Bull, This News Anchor Can't Handle Bison Hump Day

“I’m done.” Source link

Florida Waters Could Still Be Leased For Oil Drilling, Despite Ryan Zinke’s Tweet

“It is not a formal action,” a key Interior Department official said of Zinke’s announcement. Source link