A Little Cafe In Kansas Feels The Ripple Effects Of The Government Shutdown

The drop in business at the Parsnipity Cafe in Wichita shows the damage being done beyond Washington. Source link

Agency That Approved Trump’s Hotel Lease Ignored The Constitution: Report

A government report says the emoluments issue leaves a “constitutional cloud” over the president’s D.C. hotel. Source link

House Democrats Propose $15 Minimum Wage With New Majority

They may finally be able to move the Raise the Wage Act, but don’t expect it to become law anytime soon. Source link

Afghan Singer Looks Like Twin Brother Of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Abdul Salam Maftoon hopes the Prime Minister invites him to Canada to do a concert. Source link

Senate GOP Blocks Bid To Enforce Sanctions On Putin Ally

The Trump administration’s move to ease sanctions on firms owned by Oleg Deripaska is now likely to go forward. Source link

YouTube Bans Dangerous Pranks And Stunts In Wake Of 'Bird Box' Challenge

A wave of YouTubers have been posting birdbrained videos of themselves in hopes of going viral. Source link

NASA Discovers 'South Park' Character Mr. Hankey The Christmas Poo On Jupiter

An enhanced image from the Juno mission shows a big brown spot on the gas giant. Source link

White Supremacist Who Harassed Vermont Lawmaker Crashes Her Press Conference

The state attorney general’s office had just decided it couldn’t prosecute those who sent threats to Kiah Morris. Source link

How Business Can Engage Students And Educators With Technology

“If training the future workforce is a fundamental role of education, it’s just as important a role for business.” Source link

Nancy Pelosi To Trump: Delay State Of The Union Until Shutdown Ends

Second-ranking House Democrat Steny Hoyer later said that the address to Congress is “off.” Source link