Freedom Caucus Chair: House Conservatives Would Reject Current Senate Health Care Bill

In case Mitch McConnell didn’t have enough problems at the moment. Source link

John McEnroe Refuses To Apologize For Comments About Serena Williams

“Uh, no.” Source link

Woman Uses Insulting Birthday Cake To Tell Her Mom She's Pregnant

“We have made some quirky or sarcastic cakes in the past.” Source link

Donald Trump Tears Into CNN Over Retracted Russia Story

He claimed the network’s ratings were “way down” while dismissing CNN and other outlets as “fake news.” Source link

You Can Now Watch Thursday Night Football On Amazon Prime

But only on Thursday. No more, no less. Source link

Empire State Building Lights Go Wild As Dead & Company Play 'Touch Of Grey'

Now THAT’S a tribute. Source link

Toddler’s Staggering Hospital Bill Shows Just What’s At Stake In Obamacare Battle

Alison Chandra says if the Affordable Care Act is repealed, her family may face a devastating choice: bankruptcy or her son’s life. Source link

Facebook's New Mission: A Global Community

When company CEOs make big statements about change in mission my skeptical journalistic brain kicks in. Is this a PR move, or a change to address advertiser pressure, or something more deeply held and profound? For Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg,

TV Roast For David Ortiz Pulled Amid Controversy Over Racial Jokes

The Boston Globe reported that some jokes had the audience “squirming in their seats.” Source link

Takata Corp. Files For Bankruptcy Following Massive Airbag Recall

It is the biggest bankruptcy of a Japanese manufacturer. Source link