Trump Drowns Ocean Protections During National Ocean Month

The president revoked an Obama-era order aimed at protecting and restoring ocean and coastal health. Source link

This Teen With Autism Is Usually Non-Verbal, But His Grad Speech Stole The Show

Sef Scott, a student with Autism, defied expectations in a speech to his graduating class in Plano, Texas. Source link

Missouri's Top Election Official Says Voter Fraud Is A Way Bigger Threat Than Election Hacking

Several studies and investigations have shown voter fraud is not a widespread problem. Source link

Man With Gun Forehead Tattoo Charged With Illegally Possessing Firearm

Is that a gun tattoo on your forehead, or are you just glad to see me? Source link

Man Who Refused To Hand Over Immigrant Info To ICE: 'Don't Collaborate With Fascists'

“This is child abuse executed by the U.S. government,” he said of the Trump administration’s zero tolerance immigration policy. Source link

Video Shows Unaccompanied Kids Brought To NYC Foster Center In Dead Of Night

“It was jarring to see in the middle of the night,” Spectrum NY1 reporter Josh Robin said. Source link

Kids Taken From Their Parents At The Border Get Their Toys Confiscated Too

Customs and Border Protection agents take away essentially all possessions carried by undocumented immigrants. It’s not clear if they ever get them back. Source link

Ex-ICE Chief: Thousands Of Kids Could Be ‘Permanently’ Separated From Their Parents

“Once you separate those families, you run a serious risk that they’ll never see each other again,” John Sandweg said. Source link

Parkland Survivors Urge Americans To Vote For 'Morally Just Leaders'

Lauren and David Hogg tell how they went from mass shooting survivors to gun control activists. Source link

Disney Hikes Bid For Fox Entertainment Assets To $71.3 Billion

The sum tops Comcast’s $65 billion offer. Source link