Watergate Figure John Dean Says McGahn Was Smart To Cooperate With Mueller

“Self preservation is a real motive,” noted Dean. “Trump throws almost everyone under the bus.” Source link

GOP Fundraiser Elliott Broidy Under Investigation For Seeking Money To Influence Trump: Report

The major Trump campaign fundraiser was forced to resign earlier this year. Source link

Lockheed Martin's #WorldPhotoDay Tweet Backfires

The since-deleted tweet came days after reports identified a Lockheed Martin bomb as one used in an attack on a Yemen school bus. Source link

Trump Blasts Former CIA Director John Brennan As 'Loudmouth' After Latest Attack

Trump’s tweet follows a lengthy interview in which Brennan harshly criticized Trump. Source link

Report: White House Counsel Is Cooperating Extensively In Russia Probe

Don McGahn reportedly feared Trump was setting him up. Source link

Animal Lovers Celebrate 'Clear The Shelters' With Pics Of Pets Finding New Homes

Congrats to all the happy dogs, cats, bunnies and other critters out there! Source link

Obama Recalls Kofi Annan's 'Integrity, Persistence, Optimism'

The former president honored the former United Nations leader following Annan’s death on Saturday. Source link

How Kofi Annan Once Reacted To Being Mistaken For Morgan Freeman

The Nobel Peace Prize winner took the incident in stride. Source link

NBA Player J.J. Redick Says He Saw Person In 'Box Or Cage' In Driver's Trunk

The 76ers guard said he reported the bizarre incident to police. Source link

Ryan Zinke Would 'Sell His Grandkids For Big Oil,' Says Washington Governor

“We don’t pay him to give us false information” about climate change, Jay Inslee complained. Source link