Support Group Calls Chelsea Manning's Solitary Confinement 'Torture'

The former intelligence analyst has been jailed for more than two weeks after refusing to answer questions about the 2010 WikiLeaks case. Source link

Immigration Officials Snatch 9-Year-Old U.S. Citizen Heading To School, Hold Her For 2 Days

“I was scared. I was completely by myself,” says sobbing fourth-grader. Source link

Kamala Harris Tells Texas She'd Give Teachers A Big Raise

The California Democrat has yet to roll out specifics. Source link

Beto O'Rourke Accuses Trump Of Attempted Russian Collusion

“You have a president, who in my opinion beyond the shadow of a doubt, sought to … collude with the Russian government,” the 2020 candidate said. Source link

Sheep Rescued After Being Found Soaking Wet, Tied To NYC Park Tree

The strange incident came after at least three animals escaped city slaughterhouses and were found roaming the streets. Source link

John Brennan: North Korea 'Duped' Trump Into 'Mindlessly' Quashing Sanctions

The former CIA director expressed concerns over the president’s “very abnormal” and “bizarre” behavior. Source link

Adele And Jennifer Lawrence Party With Surprised Fans At New York City Gay Bar

“Hi my name is Adele,” The “Hello” singer said on stage at the Greenwich Village bar. Source link

Attorney General William Barr Preparing To Reveal 'Key Findings' Of Mueller Report

The report was accessible to only a handful of Justice officials while Barr prepared to summarize the “principal conclusions.” Source link

Dog Has Perfect Response When Reporter Asks How He Copes With Fame

Stanley the border collie gets it. Source link

North Carolina GOP Bragged About Gerrymandering. It Still May Not Be Enough To Convince SCOTUS.

The Supreme Court is set to take another look at partisan gerrymandering after avoiding doing anything about the issue for decades. Source link