Dana Rohrabacher Vowed To Protect Constituents From The Homeless. His Opponent Harley Rouda Opened A Homeless Shelter.

Rouda is the Democrats’ best chance in years to unseat Rohrabacher, a longtime California congressman known for his ties to Russia. Source link

Trump Says Anybody Voting Democrat ‘Is Crazy’ At Arizona Rally

“Democrats produce mobs, Republicans produce jobs,” the president said. Source link

Why So Many Poor People May Never Recover From Hurricane Michael

Most Americans don’t have enough money in the bank to afford even a minor emergency. Source link

Trump Buys The Saudi Line On Jamal Khashoggi. Congress Doesn't Have To.

Lawmakers can take key steps immediately, and vital votes are on the horizon. Source link

Los Angeles Dodgers Defeat Milwaukee Brewers In Game 7 For World Series Return

The Dodgers will face the Boston Red Sox in the Series, which begins Tuesday. Source link

Twitter Agog At Trump Whopper That Californians Are 'Rioting' Over Sanctuary Cities

“The president is now inventing nonexistent domestic riots,” notes the Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star.. Source link

Angry Diners Confront Mitch McConnell In Louisville Restaurant

“Why don’t you leave our entire country alone?” a customer demands of the Kentucky senator. Source link

Pilot Casually Nails Emergency Landing On San Diego Interstate

Pilot instructor Ryan Muno was forced to land on the Interstate 8 in El Cajon after the plane’s engine lost power. Source link

Missouri GOP Sent False Information About Absentee Voting To 10,000 People

The party’s executive director, Ray Bozarth, said a miscommunication is to blame. Source link

The Nevada Senate Race Was Supposed To Be Easier For Democrats. It's Still Up For Grabs.

Republican Sen. Dean Heller and his Democratic opponent, Rep. Jacky Rosen, are in a dead heat as early voting begins. Source link