Supreme Court Sides With Native American Hunter As Neil Gorsuch Joins Liberal Justices

An 1868 treaty between the Crow Tribe and U.S. government remains in effect, the high court ruled. Source link

Eiffel Tower Evacuated After Man Starts Climbing It

“The man entered the tower normally and started to climb once he was on the second floor,” a spokeswoman for the tower’s operator told reporters. Source link

Georgia Governor Bashes 'C-List Celebrities' Boycotting Over Abortion Law

Those opposing the “heartbeat” law include Natalie Portman, Sean Penn, Ben Stiller and Judd Apatow. Source link

New Yorkers Have No Time For 'Fox & Friends' Host Steve Doocy

The Fox News host had a hard time finding people willing to talk to him on camera Monday morning. Source link

Border Agent Called Immigrants 'Subhuman S**t' And Racist Slurs In Text Messages

The text messages were revealed in federal court filings for Matthew Bowen, who faces charges for hitting an apprehended migrant with his Border Patrol truck. Source link

Trump Addresses NYT Deutsche Bank Story In Series Of Tweets

The president attacked The New York Times and “Fake Media” in a flurry of defensive tweets on Monday morning. Source link

Alabama's Biggest Newspapers Publish Essays By 200 Women On Abortion Ban

Alabama Media Group newspapers devoted their Sunday editions to the voices of women because “a majority of men in the state legislature spoke for them.” Source link

Trump May Pardon Navy SEAL Charged With War Crimes

The move “spits on the honor of the U.S. Navy and every single one of us who served with distinction and conviction to our oaths,” a vet said on Twitter. Source link

Pete Buttigieg Tells 11-Year-Old Girl How To Stand Up To A Bully

“Sometimes you just want to give it right back,” he said, but then offered a better solution. Source link

George Conway Slams Trump For Attacking Republican Who Called For Impeachment

“You never stop lying, do you?” Conway taunts. Source link