Trump Names Mick Mulvaney As Acting White House Chief Of Staff

The White House budget director will replace John Kelly as the president’s right-hand man. Source link

Obamacare Will 'Likely' Survive Judge's Ruling, Obama Tweets

He reassures Americans as he reminds people to sign up for the health care program before the deadline. Source link

NY Times Slashes Ryan Zinke As 'Not The Sharpest Knife In The Drawer'

Editorial dings Interior secretary as another “cheerleader” for the president’s “boneheaded” energy strategy. Source link

Twitter Users Shred Trump For 'Celebrating' The Weekly Standard's Closure

Many took the opportunity to remind the president of his own failed businesses, while others questioned where he learned the word ‘prognosticator. Source link

Family Of Migrant Girl Disputes U.S. Officials' Story Of Her Death

Jakelin Caal’s parents said she had been given food and water and appeared to be in good health as she traveled through Mexico with her father. Source link

Trump Cites Misleading Right-Wing Story On Missing FBI Texts Contradicted By His Officials

Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General said missing — then recovered — texts from fired agent Peter Strzok were due to technical problems. Source link

Ryan Zinke To Step Down One Day Before Dems Get Oversight Powers

“It is better to charge up a hill under fire than cower in a foxhole,” the scandal-plagued interior secretary said last month. Source link

Rocco The Cheeky Parrot Keeps Using Amazon's Alexa To Order Snacks

The African grey interacts with the virtual assistant up to 40 times a day, asking it to tell him jokes and play his favorite music. Source link

Paul Ryan Pushing Through Thousands Of Irish Visas Before Leaving Office

The House speaker previously blocked efforts to help Dreamers. Source link

Orrin Hatch Walks Back Saying He Doesn’t Care About Trump’s Connection To Cohen Crimes

The Utah senator now insists no one is above the law. Source link