Donald Trump’s ‘Candid Camera’ Cameo Is Much Creepier In Retrospect

In a divisive election season, nearly everyone can agree that Donald Trump’s recently uncovered 2005 conversation with Billy Bush, in which he claims he can simply “grab [women] by the p***y,” is vile.

A few months before that gross “locker room talk” with Bush, Trump made an appearance on the long-running comedy show “Candid Camera” in 2004. In the skit, which has now resurfaced, Trump repeatedly jokes about hooking up with his female assistants. This includes a line about an assistant needing to sit “as close as [she] can” to him while they take a limousine ride together.

The video of Trump’s “Candid Camera” appearance was briefly uploaded to YouTube by the show’s official account in 2015, but became private soon after, only amassing a couple thousand views. The Huffington Post asked “Candid Camera” host and producer Peter Funt to make the footage public once more on Oct. 15.

Following that hot-mic leak on Oct. 7, The New York Times found two more women accusing Trump of sexual assault, adding to a list of alleged victims that now tallies over a dozen. One of the women, Jessica Leeds, specifically accused Trump of groping her while the two sat next to each other on a plane. “He was like an octopus,” Leeds told the Times. “His hands were everywhere.”

Though Trump was playing a role on “Candid Camera,” watching it back with this new knowledge is uncomfortable.

The premise for Trump’s cameo on the show was for the businessman to prank female matchmakers into thinking he had flings with his employees and was seemingly only interested in dating scantily dressed, good-looking women.

During these visits with matchmakers, while Trump would vaguely tell them that he wanted to try dating a “simple” woman or a “motherly figure,” an attractive actress playing his assistant would come into the room wearing a short skirt and low-cut top.

The assistant would tell Trump his limo would be arriving in about an hour before asking whether she’d be joining him. Trump would smirk and say “yes” in these various instances. In one iteration of the prank, he responded with, “Absolutely, as close as you can.”

During these skits, the matchmakers would appear confused.

In one instance, when another actress playing an assistant came into the room, Trump turned to a matchmaker and said, “While she’s here, I mean, this look is good, but frankly I’m not sure it’s exactly what I’m looking for.” The matchmaker reacted with disgust.

“You can go home and cry on your mother’s couch tonight,” she said to the young woman, before adding that the supposed assistant should find a new line of work. “Go get a master’s.”

Trump, of course, didn’t really need a matchmaker, as he married Melania Knauss on Jan. 22, 2005.

Watch Trump’s appearance on “Candid Camera” here:

The “Candid Camera” website has a service that allows people who have been on the show to request footage of their appearances that didn’t make it to air. The website reads:

CLIPS NOT BROADCAST: For shows broadcast before 1996 we ONLY have the scenes that were shown on TV. However, for clips after 1996 we may be able to locate, at a higher cost, footage that was never included in the show.

Although HuffPost was curious to know if off-camera moments of Trump existed, Funt told us in an email that, in this case, “There’s no ‘outtakes’ of interest. If I had outtakes or other footage I’d use it myself.”

The host of the show also stressed that Trump’s appearance was a joke, saying, “Trump was acting a part at our direction.” Despite wanting instances of “Trump’s bad behavior and unsavory past” to come to light, Funt doesn’t think this sketch reflects negatively on the Republican presidential nominee’s character, as the show scripted his lines. He told HuffPost:

He was doing a sketch, no different from “SNL,” except that there were unsuspecting people across the table. The lines you mention he was given, if not verbatim then in general.

Despite Funt’s take on the video, watching Trump make these jokes is discomforting in retrospect.

HuffPost has also reached out to an actress who claimed she played one of Trump’s assistants in the skit, but did not immediately get a response.

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