Shipments of most recent orders for Verizon’s Galaxy S III to be delayed even further

Have you been reading all the hype from the last few days about the U.S. release of the Samsung Galaxy S III and just now decided you wanted to get in on the action? Procrastinating, you didn’t pre-order, but are thinking about placing a new order now?  If that is the case, and you want to get one through Verizon, you are now looking at a projected shipping date of July 11th, almost three weeks from now before you may get your hands on one.  It appears this date will apply for new orders placed today and going forward as well as pre-orders placed in the last couple days (Tuesday, June 19th and Wednesday, June 20th).

Even some of those who submitted pre-orders are looking at a delay in receiving their phone.  For orders placed in the last week between 6/14 and 6/18, the projected ship date is July 10th.  If you pre-ordered in the week prior to that, between 6/6 and 6/13, the shipping date is scheduled for July 9th.

With the overwhelming demand, it looks like a case of hurry up and wait if you made a last minute decision to get a Samsung Galaxy S III through Verizon.

source: Droid Life

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