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Facebook Removed More Than 500 Million Fake Accounts In First Quarter Of 2018

Facebook’s first community standards enforcement report shows the company is “trying to be as open as we can,” an executive said. Source link

Tesla Autopilot Was Engaged During Horrific 60 MPH Crash, Driver Tells Police

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that it’s amazing the driver wasn’t more seriously injured. Source link

Keyless Cars Have Killed More Than 2 Dozen People Since 2006: Report

Drivers have succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning after forgetting to turn off a vehicle in their garage. Source link

Facebook Suspends 200 Apps Amid Data Misuse Investigation

The investigation was launched in response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Source link

Tesla With Autopilot Slams Into Stopped Truck At 60 Mph

Car is a wreck, driver breaks ankle. Source link

Boston Dynamics' 'Robot Dog' May Be On Sale Soon

Super cool, or bone chilling? Source link

Jet Just Launched Its Own Apple Store With Some Incredible Deals

If you’re on a time crunch to find a perfect Mother’s Day gift that’ll still arrive on time, it’s your lucky day. Amazon Source link

Software In Fatal Uber Crash Reportedly Recognized Woman, Then Ignored Her

The first-of-its-kind accident killed a pedestrian in Arizona earlier this year. Source link

Alexa Can Remember Birthdays And Other Things For You Now

Last week at a conference in France, Amazon announced a new Alexa feature that makes it possible to use the smart assistant Source link

Twitter Warns Users To Change All Their Passwords After Finding Bug

An “internal defect” led users’ account passwords to be stored in an internal log, the company said. Source link