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Girl Power: How Remote Work Can Help Shrink Tech's Gender Gap

The stats on remote working are hard to ignore. From increasing productivity to using less “sick time”, remote working has Source link

The One Essential Phone Accessory You're Missing

You won’t know how your phone lived without it for so long. Source link

Is AR Apple's Next Act?

Take a deep breath. Ten years ― that’s how long it’s been since the first iPhone arrived. It launched a new era, a juggernaut Source link

Apple Just Killed Off 2 Iconic Products, And People Are Super Sad

“Goodbye old friend!” Source link

As Thailand Restricts Internet Freedom, Cyber Activists Work To Keep An Open Web

ssoosay/flickr, CC BY-SA Janjira Sombatpoonsiri, Thammasat University On June 9 2017, a Thai man was sentenced to 35 years Source link

Why Air Travel Still Sucks

What if I told you we haven’t seen a genuine innovation to commercial flight in over 60 years? The Boeing 707 of the 1950s Source link

How In The World Does Venmo Make Money?

The feature that sets Venmo apart is the social feed, which brings transparency to a class of transactions that used to be entirely private. Source link

RIP, MS Paint

Microsoft declared its beloved graphics program “deprecated” and said updates will cease this year. Source link

All My Friends Are Having Babies, So I Did A Newborn Photoshoot With A Twist

I may not be able to relate to my Facebook feed anymore, but maybe that’s not so bad. We all have our different paths and Source link

Trademarks Show Amazon Has Sights On Meal-Kits, 'Single Cow Burgers' And Other Fast Food Options

By Ingrid Lunden Amazon has made no secret of its ambitions to expand into more fresh food services, from its own, homegrown Source link