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Silicon Valley Veteran Says Tech Giants 'More Powerful Than AT&T Ever Was'

“We have more and more concentrated power and wealth,” Sam Altman said. Source link

How A New Technology Could Help Find The Next Harvey Weinstein

Callisto has already empowered survivors on college campuses, but people want to see it expand to Hollywood and tech. Source link

What To Do If You Think An Online Account Has Been Hacked

Fortunately, you can take action in the face of digital vandalism. Source link

Sheryl Sandberg: Russian Targeting On Facebook 'Should Not Have Happened'

Facebook owes America an apology, she said. Source link

Adults Must Teach Kids To Use, Not Be Used By, Social Media

I was an archetypical progressive educator, respecting the autonomy of students and empowering them to follow their passions Source link

AOL Instant Messenger To Sign Off Forever After 20 Years

TTY never, AIM :'( Source link

Yahoo Says All 3 Billion User Accounts Affected By 2013 Hack

The investigation indicated the information that was stolen did not include passwords in clear text, payment card data, or bank account information. Source link

We Should Make AI And Blockchain Boost Global Trade

It is time to build an intelligent tech and trade initiative. Source link

Taking Privacy Seriously: Leaving Google Behind

Recently, I made the decision to become a little more secure on the internet. I don’t have much to hide except maybe bank Source link

The 7 Problems With Our Phones

We are addicted to our phones not because we rely on them, but to the extent that we recruit them to a harmful project of self-avoidance. Source link