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Meghan Markle Tops Google's Global Trending Charts For 2018

Meghan Markle, Brett Kavanaugh, Demi Lovato, Stormy Daniels, Khloe Kardashian, Sylvester Stallone, Hailey Baldwin and Cardi B were all in the running. Source link

Barack Obama Beats Donald Trump In Twitter 2018 Showdown

But Trump did take the top spot in one category of the social media platform’s annual roundup. Source link

Elon Musk Ducks Out Of One Los Angeles Tunnel But Pursues Another

Instead, the Boring Company is moving ahead with plans to construct a high-speed corridor connecting the city to Dodger Stadium. Source link

Facebook Has Had A Very Bad Week. Again.

From public takedowns over racism at the company to scrutiny from a panel of international lawmakers, Facebook can’t catch a break. Source link

Ohio Becomes First U.S. State To Allow Businesses To Pay Taxes With Bitcoin

The state’s treasurer said Monday that businesses can now pay for 23 different kinds of taxes with the cryptocurrency. Source link

Facebook Admits To Targeting Billionaire George Soros In PR Attack

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said last week he didn’t know about the PR campaign until The New York Times investigation. Source link

Facebook Executive Sheryl Sandberg Calls Explosive NYT Report 'Simply Untrue'

The chief operating officer denies that she and Mark Zuckerberg “weren’t interested in knowing the truth, or we wanted to hide what we knew.” Source link

Facebook Reportedly Paid For Smear Campaign Against George Soros

The social media giant tried to deflect criticism by linking anti-Facebook activists to Soros, according to a New York Times investigation. Source link

Amazon Announces New Headquarters In Virginia, New York City

The company will also open a major office in Nashville. Source link

Gab, Social Network Favored By The Far-Right, Goes Back Online

It had been shut down following the massacre at a Pittsburgh synagogue. Source link