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5 Percent Of Facebook Is Fake

120 million monthly active users on the platform aren’t real people, the company said in a report Thursday. Source link

Former Facebook Security Exec Says Mark Zuckerberg 'Has Too Much Power'

Alex Stamos urged the CEO to step down. Source link

WhatsApp Discovers Spyware That Uses Voice Calls To Infect Phones

Israel’s NSO Group — whose spyware has been found deployed to hack journalists, lawyers and human rights defenders — is reportedly behind the attack. Source link

Instagram Blocks Anti-Vaccine Hashtags To Combat Misinformation

A spokeswoman told HuffPost the company is cracking down on hashtags attached to posts containing factually incorrect content. Source link

Google Walkout Organizers Demand HR Investigation After Claims Of Retaliation

A Google spokesperson reiterated the company’s stance that no retaliation occurred. Source link

You Can Retweet With Gifs Now, But Many Twitter Users Are Unimpressed

Looks like a lot of people just want an edit button. Source link

Boeing Delayed Telling FAA Warning Light Was Shut Off On Many 737 Max Planes

Two of the company’s planes have crashed in recent months, killing everyone on board. Source link

Facebook Goes Back To Its Roots With Dating App Feature

Facebook Dating — which isn’t available yet in the U.S. — unrolled a new feature that allows users to tell their friends that they have a “Secret Crush” on them. Source link

Google Employees Who Organized Mass Walkout Say They're Being Retaliated Against

Organizers say they have been reassigned and demoted, but Google denies any sort of retaliation occurred. Source link

Facebook Decides Now Would Be A Good Time To Drop More Bad News

Mueller who? Source link