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Is The World Cup's Most Neurotic Team Finally Self-Actualizing?

Mexico took a giant step toward putting the curse of being “almost just” good enough behind it. Source link

FIFA Opens Case Against Mexico Over Alleged Homophobic Chants At World Cup

The disciplinary procedure follows Mexico’s World Cup win over Germany on Sunday. Source link

Fans Cheering World Cup Goal May Have Caused 'Artificial Earthquake' In Mexico City

Mexico’s IIGEA reported seismic movement on at least two sensors in the capital city around the same time the game-winning goal was scored. Source link

Mexico Defeats Germany 1-0 In Shocking World Cup Opener

This is only the second time in 12 attempts that Mexico has claimed a victory against the Germans. Source link

Iceland Holds Off Argentina In 1-1 Draw At First World Cup

Lionel Messi missed his chance to land a penalty-kick win after Iceland’s first World Cup goal. Source link

A World Cup Bandwagoner's Guide To Mexico, America's Team

Here’s how to sound knowledgeable about your new favorite team. Source link

Spain Hits Cristiano Ronaldo With Tax Penalty Ahead Of World Cup Match With Portugal

Soccer fans found the timing — on the day Ronaldo’s team faces rival Spain — a little suspicious. Source link

The United States Has A World Cup Team. It's Mexico.

On the march with Pancho Villa’s Army, the Mexico fan group spreading across America. Source link

Former NFL Tight End Kellen Winslow Jr. Arrested For Kidnapping, Rape

Winslow last played in the NFL in 2013 for the New York Jets. He was arrested later that year for possession of synthetic marijuana. Source link

Ramadan's End Gives Muslim Players Reprieve As 2018 World Cup Begins

The tournament’s start coincides with Eid al-Fitr and the end of the holy month of fasting. Source link