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North Carolina Election Board Finds Evidence Of Significant Fraud To Help GOP Candidate

The board’s executive director said an operative for candidate Mark Harris tried to conceal illegal acts with absentee ballots. Source link

John Kasich Rips Trump For ‘End Runs Around Congress’

The former Ohio governor lambasted Trump’s move as a political power play. Source link

Trump Blasts Andrew McCabe For 'Deranged' Story: 'So Many Lies'

Without going into detail, Trump accused the former acting FBI director of “planning a very illegal act” with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Source link

Rush Limbaugh Hates Presidential Power Grabs — But Not By Trump

The right-wing radio host explained to Chris Wallace the difference between executive actions by Obama and Trump is “right and wrong.” Source link

Lindsey Graham Calls For Investigation Of 'Attempted Bureaucratic Coup' Against Trump

The Republican senator suggested that top officials at the Justice Department and the FBI may have planned a “coup” to force Trump out of office. Source link

Angela Merkel Mocks Trump Administration But Ivanka Is Not Having It

The chancellor pointed out that the German cars most at risk of being deemed a “national security threat” are made in America. Source link

The War On Climate Change Won’t Be Won Quibbling Over The Green New Deal’s Costs

The mounting damage of global warming is a crisis far greater than the deficit. Source link

Chris Wallace Sternly Fact Checks Stephen Miller: 'How Is This A National Emergency?'

The Fox News Sunday host asked the White House senior policy adviser: “How is this a national emergency?” Source link

'I Believe Putin:' Andrew McCabe Claims Trump Listened To Russia More Than U.S. Intelligence

The former acting FBI Director also said the Justice Department discussed removing Trump from office via the 25th Amendment. Source link

Sen. Lindsey Graham Says Kentucky Kids Need 'Secure Border' More Than A School

“Right now we’ve got a national emergency,” the South Carolina “Trumpsplainer” insisted. Source link