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After Fraud Probe, New Primary May Replace GOP Candidate

New primaries in North Carolina would open the door for anyone to carry the Republican banner against Democrat Dan McCready. Source link

Bob Corker Is Unsure If Trump Should Be Primaried In 2020

The GOP senator believes republicanism under the president is an “anomaly.” Source link

Michigan Unions Dodge Republican Attack In Lame-Duck Session

GOP lawmakers wanted to force public-sector unions to hold recertification elections every two years. Source link

Trump Lawyer’s Main Argument Why You Shouldn’t Believe Michael Cohen: He Is A Liar

Seriously. Source link

Investigations Into The Personal and Political Mount For Trump

Less than two years into Trump’s presidency, his business associates, political advisers and family members are being probed, along with the practices of his late father. Source link

Fox News' Chris Wallace Tears Into Rudy Giuliani: 'I'm Asking You For The Truth, Sir'

“We’re talking about something that doesn’t matter,” Giuliani claimed about Trump’s alleged hush money payments. Source link

Chuck Schumer Urges Congressional Vote Rejecting Obamacare Ruling

“If a majority of the House and a majority of the Senate say that this case should be overturned, it’ll have a tremendous effect on the appeal,” Schumer said. Source link

Donald Trump Whines Over 'Unfair' Coverage On NBC, 'Saturday Night Live'

“Should be tested in courts,” the president tweeted. Source link

Trump Names Mick Mulvaney As Acting White House Chief Of Staff

The White House budget director will replace John Kelly as the president’s right-hand man. Source link

Obamacare Will 'Likely' Survive Judge's Ruling, Obama Tweets

He reassures Americans as he reminds people to sign up for the health care program before the deadline. Source link