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Senate Republicans May Be Down On Health Care, But They’re Not Out

A delay might actually work in Mitch McConnell’s favor. Source link

This Former GOP Congressman Loathed Obamacare — Until He Lost His Own Coverage

Former Rep. David Jolly (R-Fla.) said being unemployed with a preexisting condition made him appreciate the Affordable Care Act. Source link

Mitch McConnell Delays Vote On GOP Senate Health Care Bill

Republican senators have been invited to discuss the bill at the White House. Source link

Freedom Caucus Chair: House Conservatives Would Reject Current Senate Health Care Bill

In case Mitch McConnell didn’t have enough problems at the moment. Source link

Donald Trump Tears Into CNN Over Retracted Russia Story

He claimed the network’s ratings were “way down” while dismissing CNN and other outlets as “fake news.” Source link

Toddler’s Staggering Hospital Bill Shows Just What’s At Stake In Obamacare Battle

Alison Chandra says if the Affordable Care Act is repealed, her family may face a devastating choice: bankruptcy or her son’s life. Source link

Senate Democrats Hold Raucous Sit-In To Protest GOP Health Care Bill

What started as a Facebook live stream involving two lawmakers grew into an impromptu rally. Source link

Joe Biden Is The Lifeguard America Truly Needs

The perfect metaphor? Source link

Top GOP Senator Challenges Trump Arms Deals Over Qatar Crisis

The Trump-friendly lawmaker’s move threatens planned sales to Saudi Arabia and shows bipartisan anger with the administration’s Mideast mismanagement. Source link

McConnell Faces Mutiny On GOP Health Care Plan

He is down, but he is not out. Source link