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Greyhound Is Choosing To Let Border Patrol Demand Its Passengers' Papers

The company says it’s following the law. The ACLU says it’s consenting to warrantless searches it could refuse. Source link

'Tree Hugger' Donald Trump Gets Mauled On Twitter Over Planting Ceremony

“Apparently Macron didn’t realize that Trump hates all things nature, including trees.” Source link

Trump Reportedly Uses Private Cell Phone More Often Amid Kelly's Waning Influence

“This is potentially a gold mine of intelligence,” James Clapper said. Source link

Here's Why Many Americans Are Choosing Not To Vote This Year

About two-thirds of unregistered and “unlikely” voters said politics are too corrupt to merit attention. Source link

Senate Delays Confirmation Hearings For White House Doctor Ronny Jackson

The postponement appears to be related to questions about qualifications and past conduct. Source link

Flight Records Disprove Trump's Claim About 'Pee Tape' Weekend Whereabouts

The president insisted he didn’t spend a night in Moscow. Records show he did. Source link

Arizona Congresswoman Alleges Sexual Abuse By High School Coach

Rep. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.) says her track coach pressured her to have sex with him. He denies the accusation. Source link

GOP Congressman Doug Lamborn Thrown Off The Ballot For 2018

The Colorado Supreme Court ruling means the congressman can’t run for re-election, at least as a Republican. Source link

Sean Hannity Defends Real Estate Empire Aided By HUD Loans

The Fox News host defended his choice not to disclose his investments, despite covering the HUD secretary on his show. Source link

Cage-Free-Egg Laws Spur Cage Match Between States

Although some consumers say they want eggs from happy chickens, their buying habits indicate they want eggs that are cheap. Now some states are taking sides. Source link