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Hope Hicks Finds Trump's Stance On Foreign Dirt 'Troubling,' Nadler Says

The ex-Trump aide “made clear that even she knew” foreign assistance should be reported to the FBI, the House Judiciary chairman said. Source link

Trump Administration Backs Off Plan To Close Job Corps Centers After Bipartisan Outcry

Turns out Republicans didn’t want to lose jobs and training centers in their districts. Source link

10 People Injured In Shooting Outside Pennsylvania Nightclub

Police haven’t made an arrest or released a motive in a bloody attack outside a nightclub in Allentown overnight. Source link

Cory Booker Unveils Plan To Free Thousands Of Federal Prisoners

The 2020 presidential candidate’s Restoring Justice Initiative would aim to free federal prisoners “serving unjust and excessive sentences.” Source link

'Glitch' In GOP Tax Law Comes Back To Bite Trump Megadonors

Some Las Vegas casino magnates are asking Congress to fix an apparent flub in the tax law. Lawmakers are telling them to bargain with their workers first. Source link

Trump Shoots Down Sean Hannity’s Favorite Conspiracy Theory About Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The president told the Fox News host that he’s wrong about the House speaker on at least one matter. Source link

Coalition Forms To Challenge Pharmaceutical Companies On High Insulin Prices

The group will start with a protest outside the Eli Lilly headquarters in Indianapolis. Source link

Planned Parenthood To Defy 'Inappropriate' Missouri Abortion Rule

A new state requirement of two pelvic exams before an abortion is “medically unnecessary” and “invasive,” doctors say. Source link

Joe Biden Refuses To Apologize For Comments On Segregationists

The former vice president said he shouldn’t have to apologize for talking about two racist senators while fondly recalling “civility” in the Senate. Source link

18 Years Later, The House Finally Repeals The President's 9/11 War Authority

But how hard are Democrats willing to fight to actually prevent war? Source link