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DOJ Antitrust Staff Recommends Blocking T-Mobile-Sprint Deal: Report

They’re reportedly concerned that the merger could make services more expensive and less reliable for consumers. Source link

Trump Accidentally Launched His Own War On Christmas And Consumers Will Suffer

New tariffs are already leading to higher prices for holiday lights and decorations — and more increases could follow. Source link

Man Stole Daughter's Girl Scout Cookie Money For Erotic Massage

The Oregon dad admitted staging a home invasion robbery to cover up his $740 theft. Source link

College Graduate's Backflip Attempt Goes Hilariously, Painfully, Awkwardly Wrong

That didn’t go as planned. Source link

Eiffel Tower Evacuated After Man Starts Climbing It

“The man entered the tower normally and started to climb once he was on the second floor,” a spokeswoman for the tower’s operator told reporters. Source link

New Yorkers Have No Time For 'Fox & Friends' Host Steve Doocy

The Fox News host had a hard time finding people willing to talk to him on camera Monday morning. Source link

Boeing Reveals Fixes To 737 Max Flight Simulator Software After Deadly Crashes

The embattled plane maker said Saturday it “made corrections” to the simulator software used to train some Boeing pilots. Source link

Teen Looking For Arrowheads Finds Prehistoric Mastodon Jaw Instead

Experts believe the ancient jawbone dates back 34,000 years Source link

Cats Offer The Grumpiest Twitter Tributes To Grumpy Cat

The celebrity cat’s death has inspired cat owners to post pics using the hashtag #tweetagrumpyfaceforgrumpycat. Source link

Austrian Official Warns Against 'Cow Kissing' Challenge For Charity

Pastures are not “petting zoos,” and getting intimate with cows can have “serious consequences,” warned Austria’s tourism minister about a weird app stunt. Source link