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15 Amazing Photos You Missed This Week

A perfect New York City moonrise, an epic beard and a giant Buddha round out this week’s top images. Source link

Rep. Jerry Nadler 'Feeling Much Better' After Sudden Health Scare

The House Judiciary Committee chairman appeared to faint during a New York City news conference with Mayor Bill de Blasio. Source link

Easter Island Statues Threatened By Nose-Pick Selfie-Snapping Tourists

Archeologist Jo Anne Van Tilburg fears that the giant heads are being damaged by tourists climbing all over them. Source link

Man Allegedly Gives False Name During Arrest — Despite Wearing Name Tag

A police officer in Lincoln, Nebraska, noticed the suspect was wearing a name tag for a man wanted on two arrest warrants. Source link

Man Weirded Out That Someone Broke Into His Home Just To Clean It

Nothing was missing, but the beds were made, the rugs vacuumed, the toilets scrubbed and there were origami roses on the toilet paper rolls. Source link

Trump Is Set To Deal A Major Blow To Grad Student Unions

His nominees to the National Labor Relations Board are going to decide whether graduate students who teach can unionize and bargain collectively. Source link

Fugitive Refuses To Surrender Unless 15,000 People 'Like' His Wanted Photo

Jose Simms said he wanted to give Connecticut police “a little incentive for all the hard work they put in to catch me.” Source link

Cow Squirts Projectile Poop On Farmer: 'I Didn't Even Stand A Chance'

This went from moo to “Ewwww!” in a hurry and Twitter loved it. Source link

Man Agrees To Plead Guilty To Stealing Endangered Lemur From Zoo To Be His Pet

Authorities said the southern California teen kept the extremely rare creature in a plastic drawer that lacked ventilation holes. Source link

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Endorses Progressive Candidate For Queens Prosecutor

Tiffany Cabán shares many of the congresswoman’s progressive ideals and supporters. Source link