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Watch George Lucas Tell Autograph Seekers To Get A Job

“They’re not fans,” he said. Source link

Cabaret Star Vows To Make America 'Gay Again' With New Album, Tour

Meet Tori Scott, the “Garland for the Grindr era.” Source link

That Seattle Minimum Wage Study Has Some Curious Results

The study suggests that a recent increase to $13 per hour has caused significant declines in employment for low-wage workers. Source link

Woman Uses Insulting Birthday Cake To Tell Her Mom She's Pregnant

“We have made some quirky or sarcastic cakes in the past.” Source link

Empire State Building Lights Go Wild As Dead & Company Play 'Touch Of Grey'

Now THAT’S a tribute. Source link

Takata Corp. Files For Bankruptcy Following Massive Airbag Recall

It is the biggest bankruptcy of a Japanese manufacturer. Source link

'Poet In Chief' Gives Donald Trump's Tweets A Shakespearean Twist

Making America rhyme again. Source link

Skateboarder Brian Anderson Explains His Challenging Road To Coming Out

“I am so thankful I listened to myself.” Source link

The Data Defying The Job-Killing Robot Myth

To date the data are very clear: This mass displacement is not happening. Source link

TSA Agent Accused Of Stealing Money From Traveler's Luggage

The agent had a bulge in his shirt pocket that police say was money from a woman’s bag. Source link