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No, A Monkey Can't Copyright His Selfies, Federal Appeals Court Rules

Who knows if animals want to collect royalties, a judge wrote. Source link

Fake Shadow-Boxer Helps Single Japanese Women Feel Safer At Home

Customers can choose to have their shadow man box, do karate or swing a baseball bat. Source link

Man Who Survived Bear Attack Gets Bitten By A Shark

“I don’t blame the shark, I don’t blame the bear, and I don’t blame the rattlesnake,” the victim said. Source link

Author Of 'Alcoholic’s Guide to Adventure' Arrested After Drunken 911 Call

He told an emergency dispatcher his wife had become “a black widow spider.” Source link

'Overwhelmed' Letter Carrier Allegedly Held Onto 17,000 Pieces Of Mail

Other postal workers have been accused of stashing large quantities of mail in the past. Source link

It's Always 420 In These Ridiculous Marijuana Stock Photos

Here are the cheesiest ones. Source link

Conspiracy Theory Believers Are The Most Skeptical And The Most Gullible People

The 25 most profound “Shower Thoughts” on Reddit from the last week. Source link

These Old Marijuana Movie Posters May Scare You Into Smoking Pot

According to these films, smoking pot may make you dance the Charleston. Source link

Cat Finds New Home After Walking 12 Miles Back To Owners Who Rejected Him

His former family asked a local animal shelter to euthanize him. They refused. Source link

Terrifying Tumbleweeds Take Over California City, Trapping Residents Inside Homes

“It’s a nasty nightmare.” Source link