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Lockheed Martin's #WorldPhotoDay Tweet Backfires

The since-deleted tweet came days after reports identified a Lockheed Martin bomb as one used in an attack on a Yemen school bus. Source link

Animal Lovers Celebrate 'Clear The Shelters' With Pics Of Pets Finding New Homes

Congrats to all the happy dogs, cats, bunnies and other critters out there! Source link

Old Photo Of The Queen Looking Windswept Becomes A Royally Funny Meme

Michael Jackson, John Travolta and Deadpool all appear in reworked snaps of Queen Elizabeth visiting Prince William. Source link

Steve Bannon Gets Mercilessly Mocked With Tweaked Movie Titles

“Hate Actually” or “The Fascist and the Furious,” anyone? Source link

People Are In Love With This Robust Cat Who Has Very Specific Demands

Bruno needs to be pet while he eats and have his water just so. He also needs a home! Source link

Man Solves 6 Rubik's Cubes Underwater In Only One Breath

Eighteen-year-old Vako Marchelashvil of of Tbilisi, Georgia, spent six months preparing to the break the previous Guinness World Record of five cubes. Source link

Tesla Stock Drops As Elon Musk Unloads On 'Excruciating' Year

The short-tempered CEO is at the center of a federal investigation over a single tweet. Source link

'At The Age Of 60, Snoop Dogg Will Be 420 In Dog Years'

The most profound “Shower Thoughts” on Reddit from the last week. Source link

NYC Subway Graffiti Pays Homage To Aretha Franklin

Franklin Street subway station features tributes to the Queen of Soul. Source link

MoviePass Strips Its Service Even More Amid Financial Turmoil

“I’m pretty much sticking with MoviePass at this point just so i can get their sad emails.” Source link