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Word Searches About Racism Spike After Charlottesville, Merriam-Webster Says

After the violence in Virginia and Trump’s reactions to it, the dictionary said that top lookups this week included “fascism”, “neo-Nazi” and “bigot.” Source link

20 Productivity Hacks That Can Magically Stretch Your Day By Hours

Being a parent is quite possibly one of the biggest responsibilities most of us would ever handle.  You are suddenly responsible Source link

Nail Pierces Man's Heart: It Was 'Moving With My Heartbeat'

The man didn’t pull it out himself because of what happened to Steve Irwin. Source link

Liberals, It's Time To Look At Ourselves In The Mirror

Last night, I joined thousands at Trump Tower in New York to protest the atrocities that took place in Charlottesville over Source link

Why Fur-Free Is The Future Of Fashion

Companies are finding that faux fur can provide the right look and feel without the risk of being associated with animal cruelty. Source link

Donald Trump Finally Met His Match In The Handshake Stakes

Trump’s bizarre technique did not faze the president of Tajikistan. Source link

Texas Teacher Gives 'Most Likely To Become A Terrorist' Award To 7th Grader

The school principal promises an investigation will take place. Source link

Creationist Fan Fiction Features Noah Fighting Giants And Dinosaurs

The horned “grendec” is based on a carnotaurus. Source link

NYC Subway Workers Say Dead Bodies Are Being Stored In Their Bathrooms

This has been an ongoing issue for years, the transit union says. Source link

Donald Trump Actually Plugged His Winery Right After Defending Racists And Bigots

“Does anyone know that I own a house in Charlottesville?” Source link