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A Divided Country Is Exactly What Trump Wants

He thinks it will save him. It explains his combative remarks about Charlottesville. Source link

Word Searches About Racism Spike After Charlottesville, Merriam-Webster Says

After the violence in Virginia and Trump’s reactions to it, the dictionary said that top lookups this week included “fascism”, “neo-Nazi” and “bigot.” Source link

As Trump's Panel Seeks Personal Data, These Longtime Voters Cancel Their Registrations

Denver’s director of elections expresses concern about people being “afraid to participate” in “a fundamental right of all Americans.” Source link

20 Productivity Hacks That Can Magically Stretch Your Day By Hours

Being a parent is quite possibly one of the biggest responsibilities most of us would ever handle.  You are suddenly responsible Source link

Service Provider Boots Hate Site Off the Internet

Cloudflare appears to have ended its relationship with the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer. Source link

Trump Erodes Moral Authority Of The Presidency In Wake Of Charlottesville

“He’s the moral authority by the office that he has, and it’s about time for him to exercise that,” NBC’s Tom Brokaw said this week. Source link

Nail Pierces Man's Heart: It Was 'Moving With My Heartbeat'

The man didn’t pull it out himself because of what happened to Steve Irwin. Source link

Kentucky Governor Echoes Trump: 'All Sides' To Blame For Charlottesville Violence

Gov. Matt Bevin’s comments come as white nationalist groups consider rallying in Lexington to protest the removal of Confederate statues. Source link

Liberals, It's Time To Look At Ourselves In The Mirror

Last night, I joined thousands at Trump Tower in New York to protest the atrocities that took place in Charlottesville over Source link

KKK Grand Dragon Says He's 'Glad That Girl Died' During Charlottesville Rally

“I think there will be more violence like this in the future to come.” Source link