Trump Cites Facebook Executive In 'Fake News' Twitter Rant Over Russian Indictments

“Hard to ignore the vice president of Facebook ads!” Source link

Austrian Snowboarder Markus Schairer Breaks Neck After Terrifying Crash

Video shows the athlete landing flat on his back after a jump. Source link

Profiles In #BlackGlory: Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes pioneered jazz poetry and led the Harlem Renaissance. #BlackGlory Source link

Floridians Tell Politicians Who Do The NRA’s Bidding Their Time Is Up

The high school massacre in Parkland has stirred up some sorrowful and angry citizens. Source link

Olympic Figure Skater Cosplays Jaime Lannister For 'Game Of Thrones' Routine

“We need to give him every medal.” Source link

Montreal Is Ending Its Ban On Pit Bulls

″​Montreal is a welcoming city for pet owners and will remain so,” said a city official. Source link

It Won't Be Easy For Blue States To Dodge The GOP Tax Law

Democratic efforts to offset the lost state tax deductions are fraught with practical and political problems. Source link

Winnie The Pooh Is Trending On Twitter For The Cutest Olympic Reason

Awww! Source link

Trump’s USDA Could Make Hog Workers’ Jobs Even More Dangerous

The government agency proposed a rule that would eliminate line speed maximums at hog plants. Source link

What Happened To Norma's Brain?

The mysterious trigger behind one Texan’s mental collapse. Source link