Afghan War Veteran Pete Buttigieg Slams Trump Over Draft Deferment

The 2020 presidential hopeful called Trump’s medical deferment for bone spurs “an assault on the honor of this country.” Source link

Trump Downplays North Korean Missile Tests

In an erratic post on Twitter, Trump said the weapons test worried some, “but not me.” Source link

Muslim Candidates Feel The Effect Of Trump Attacks On Ilhan Omar

Some Muslim Americans running for office in Virginia have seen a rise in death threats since the controversy. Source link

The Best Women’s World Cup In History Is About To Begin

The 2019 tournament will be a testament to the growth of women’s soccer and an argument for even more investment in the game. Source link

Mike Pence Tells West Point Graduates They Will Be In Combat: 'It Will Happen'

“Some of you will join the fight on the Korean Peninsula … where North Korea continues to threaten the peace,” the vice president said. Source link

Jim Acosta Says Trump's 'Enemy Of The People' Dig Began As A Gimmick

Initially, “when he called us ‘fake news’ it was, in his mind, an act,” CNN’s White House correspondent says of Trump in his new book. Source link

John McCain Recited Names Of Dictators During Trump Inaugural, Senator Says

Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, a candidate for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, sat next to McCain during Trump’s January 2017 speech. Source link

King Of Irony Donald Trump Chuckles Over 'Low IQ' Of Joe 'Bidan,' Twitter Wits Can't Even

“Joe Bidan for presidant! Tramp is terrafied he’ll win the 2020 elaction,” notes one response. Source link

Facebook Disables Artist's Page After Post Of Reconstructed MAGA Hat With Swastika

Ironically, Kate Kretz was attacking hate speech. Source link

Pete Buttigieg Defends NFL Anthem Protests, Says Trump Would Get It If He Had Served

The 2020 presidential candidate, a Navy veteran, said he served in order to protect the right for peaceful demonstrations. Source link