Trump Accidentally Launched His Own War On Christmas And Consumers Will Suffer

New tariffs are already leading to higher prices for holiday lights and decorations — and more increases could follow. Source link

Beto O’Rourke: Big Pharma Should Face Consequences, Even Jail Time, For Opioid Crisis

The 2020 presidential contender said justice needed to be served against drugmakers like Purdue Pharma. Source link

Lori Lightfoot Ends Chicago Aldermen's Privilege On First Day As Mayor

She signed an order to erase “aldermanic privilege,” which has given council members veto power over zoning and permits. Source link

Donald Trump Threatens To Blow Up Infrastructure Talks

The president has demanded that Democrats approve his trade deal with Canada and Mexico before passing any bipartisan infrastructure bill. Source link

Andy Beshear Wins Democratic Primary For Kentucky Governor

The attorney general ran as a courtroom warrior capable of defeating Republican Gov. Matt Bevin. Source link

'Terrible Idea': Senators Slam Trump Plan To Pardon Vets Accused Of War Crimes

Sen. Mitt Romney said it would be “unthinkable” to pardon service members who were “legitimately convicted of committing war crimes.” Source link

Former Facebook Security Exec Says Mark Zuckerberg 'Has Too Much Power'

Alex Stamos urged the CEO to step down. Source link

Senate Advances Trump Court Pick Who Fought Marriage Equality For Years

Howard Nielson was also one of the guys behind George W. Bush’s torture memos. He’s about to be a lifetime federal judge. Source link

Rep. Justin Amash Talks Up Trump Impeachment Hearings To School Kids

The Michigan congressman continues to say that the president has “engaged in impeachable conduct.” Source link

Man Stole Daughter's Girl Scout Cookie Money For Erotic Massage

The Oregon dad admitted staging a home invasion robbery to cover up his $740 theft. Source link