Joe Biden Refuses To Apologize For Comments On Segregationists

The former vice president said he shouldn’t have to apologize for talking about two racist senators while fondly recalling “civility” in the Senate. Source link

18 Years Later, The House Finally Repeals The President's 9/11 War Authority

But how hard are Democrats willing to fight to actually prevent war? Source link

New York State Moves To Ban ‘Gay and Trans Panic’ Defense for Homicides

It’s set to join five other states banning the homophobic and transphobic argument that a victim’s sexual identity was a source of distress to the perpetrator. Source link

Dominican AG: David Ortiz Shooting Result Of Mistaken Identity


The Dominican Republic’s lead prosecutor says the target was another man, dressed similarly to the former Red Sox slugger. Source link

Centrists Wage War On Democratic Socialism And The ‘Extremely Online’

At a Third Way conference, the barriers to a 2020 Democratic win were clear: Bernie Sanders and Medicare-for-All. But Elizabeth Warren was acceptable. Source link

John Cena Happily Loses Bet To Pitcher He Said Wouldn’t Make The Majors


The WWE superstar will pay off his bet to Padres pitcher Logan Allen right on the pitcher’s mound at Petco Park. Source link

Donald Trump Jr. Mocks Biden's Cancer Cure Promise Just Before His Dad Makes Same Vow

During a rally in Orlando, Florida, he made fun of Biden’s promise to cure cancer, either not knowing or caring that the former VP’s son died of the disease. Source link

Biden Fondly Recalls Segregationist Senators From A Time Of More 'Civility'

One of the senators reportedly advocated for genocide of black Americans. Source link

How One Man's 'Innocent Photo Snapping' Became A Massive Archive Of New York Gay Life


Director Eric Leven documented Stanley Stellar’s decades of photographing the LGBTQ community in New York City for a stunning new short film. Source link

California Governor Apologizes For State's History Of Violence Against Native Americans

Democrat Gavin Newsom told tribal leaders he was “sorry on behalf of the state” for the “genocide” waged against their ancestors. Source link