Don't Call House Democrats' Trump Probe An Impeachment Inquiry — Yet

The Judiciary Committee plans to investigate charges of obstruction of justice against the president that were laid out in the redacted Mueller report. Source link

Road Crew Gets Failing Grade After Misspelling 'School' In School Crossing

Instead of S-C-H-O-O-L, it was spelled S-C-O-H-O-L. Source link

Democrats Reject William Barr's Offer To View Some Redacted Sections Of Mueller Report

They called the attorney general’s stipulation that they couldn’t discuss their findings with other members of Congress “not acceptable.” Source link

Prosecutor Handling Jussie Smollett Case Says She Won't Speak About It Yet

Kim Foxx’s office, which dropped charges against the “Empire” actor last month, is waiting for Chicago’s Inspector General to release a report. Source link

Yankees, Flyers Drop Kate Smith’s ‘God Bless America’ After Hearing Singer's Racist Lyrics

Kate Smith, who shot to fame during World War II, had a repertoire that included songs containing harmful caricatures of African Americans. Source link

Susan Collins Wanted To Limit Out-Of-State Donations. Now Her Campaign Is Banking On Them.

Only 15 Mainers contributed $200 or more to the Republican senator’s reelection campaign between January and March. Source link

Joe Biden Expected To Announce 2020 Campaign Next Week

The former vice president has been teasing a presidential run for months. Source link

UNC Coach Resigns Amid Allegations Of 'Racially Insensitive' Remarks, Injured Players

Longtime women’s basketball coach Sylvia Hatchell was accused of forcing her team to play while hurt and using a threat involving “nooses.” Source link

Democrats Subpoena The Full Mueller Report And Supporting Evidence

It “falls to Congress to determine the full scope of that alleged misconduct and to decide what steps we must take going forward,” Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler said. Source link

Rabid Bobcat Jumps On Golfer, Gets Beaten By Rest Of Foursome

The golfer was treated for cuts after the “extremely rare” attack. Source link