Wall Street Bull Covered In Sex Toys, Ridden By 'Vladimir Putin'

A bull market is good, but a Russian bear? Not so much. Source link

Trump’s Embarrassing Note Caught On Camera: 'There Was No Colusion'

The president had an added note about Russia and Vladimir Putin in thick black marker. Source link

How Trump's Putin Summit Do-Over Mirrors His Charlottesville Response

Trump has continually responded to debacles by suggesting he would give some kind of a mea culpa — and then creating another disaster. Source link

There’s A Real Gun Show For Kids Like ‘Kinder-Guardians,’ And It’s Made By The NRA

Eddie Eagle isn’t as overtly sinister as the “Who Is America?” iteration, but he doesn’t seem to be helping kids, either. Source link

Sacha Baron Cohen's New TV Show Rattles This 2018 Race

A California congressman appeared to show his support for a (fake) school program arming young children. Source link

WWE Reinstates Hulk Hogan Into Hall Of Fame After Racist Rant, Gawker Lawsuit

The WWE cut ties with Hogan in 2015 due to a recording of him repeatedly using the n-word — part of the infamous sex tape for which he sued Gawker. Source link

Obama Warns In Mandela Speech That 'Strongman Politics Are Ascendant'

The former U.S. president spoke in South Africa the day after Trump’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Source link

Oregon State University Suspends Relations With Papa John's

The university is the latest to part ways with the company after its founder used the N-word in a business meeting. Source link

A GOP Civil War Comes To Wisconsin

One of the Republican Party’s biggest donors is taking on Gov. Scott Walker’s powerful political machine. Source link

Treasury Department Policy Change Protects Privacy Of Wealthy 'Dark Money' Donors

The Treasury will no longer require certain tax-exempt organizations, including the NRA, to identify their financial donors to U.S. tax authorities. Source link