GOP Extends Christine Blasey Ford's Deadline To Decide On Senate Hearing Request

Republicans granted the extension after lawyers for Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser claimed they were bullying her with the tight deadline. Source link

Trump Vows To Get Rid Of 'Lingering Stench' At FBI And Justice Department

He also hails “fantastic” Brett Kavanaugh from “central casting.” Source link

Congressman Discounts Kavanaugh's 'Supposed' Assault That Didn't Go 'Anywhere'

It’s going to be tough to find “good people” if they need to have a “perfect” high school record, says GOP Rep. Kevin Cramer, who’s running for the Senate. Source link

Homeland Security Orders FEMA Boss To Pay For Personal Use Of Government Vehicles

But Administrator Brock Long won’t lose his job — for now. Source link

Mueller Probe's Fate Hinges On Rod Rosenstein Convincing Trump He Was Just Joking

The president has long sought an excuse to fire the deputy attorney general and replace him with someone who would get rid of the special counsel. Source link

You Realize The Olympics Don’t Have To Exist, Right?

The biennial games are a plague, and the only cure is death. Source link

California Takes Major Steps Toward Fighting Its Wildfire Crisis

Gov. Jerry Brown just signed more than two dozen bills aimed at battling the disasters on multiple fronts. Source link

Brett Kavanaugh Controversy Rocks Yale Law School

The nomination battle sparked a reckoning at the judge’s alma mater. “Students feel pretty deeply betrayed,” one said. Source link

Spiders Cover Shores Of Greek Town With 1,000-Foot Web

Someone in Aitoliko is going to have to do a lot of dusting. Source link

Donald Trump Has A Very, Very Long History Of Not Believing Women

Unless the men they accuse of sexual misconduct and abuse are not on his side. Source link